-Are you self-employed worker or you are a company and you weigh less you need to support your management ?

– Do you have a property and you need someone that you handle the estate?

–Your association needs someone to take the accounts and payroll?

Mascaro Assessors could solve everything that has to do with:

  • Management of companies, freelancers, farms and nonprofit associations.
  • Supporting work to the company, professionals, freelancers, associations and workers.
  • Economic and fiscal support for businesses, professionals, freelancers, associations and rents.
  • Legal and Advocacy Service.
  • Business mediation.

-Do you have a project and want we to give you a hand to get it going ?

Into Mascaro Assessors you can find the best technical for:

  • Advice on business creation, determining the most appropriate legal form Ideia and processing your payment of unemployment benefit.
  • Help with financial plans, financial and feasibility.

– Some problems at work?

– Your company needs a mediator ?

– Have an eye to retirement?

Come and ask for the service you need :

  • Legal advice and legal service.
  • Business mediation.
  • Advice on retirement and any provision of the Social Security.